Caring for our Chicks!

A DPA pupil is pictured holding a Chick in the palms of his hands and smiling.

This week we have been caring for the chicks. The children enjoyed watching with fascination seeing them grow and develop throughout the week. At small group time we handled the chicks very carefully. The children absolutely loved it!

A DPA pupil is shown smiling for the camera and holding up a drawing of a Chick she has created.

“It is so fluffy.” We stayed very quiet to be able to hear the chicks chirping and the children remained fascinated and silent!

They participated in craft activities and made representations of the chicks using different materials. They loved using feathers, crayons and painting.

A DPA pupil is seen painting a picture of a Chick.

We have started talking to the children about Springtime and the different seasons this week. The children did some mark making on what they think represents Springtime. Some of the children spoke about the chicks and spoke about flowers and lambs.

A DPA pupil is shown holding up artwork he has created of a Chick.