Earth Day

Tuesday 19th April was Earth Day at DPA. The whole school focussed on how we can help to change the world by recycling. Each year group took part in a variety of cross-curricular activities, looking at different aspects of recycling. 

In Nursery, they introduced the idea of recycling by making new paper from old, used paper. They had great fun getting their hands dirty!

In Reception, they read the book ‘Somebody swallowed Stanley’ to see how plastic waste can be harmful. They then picked up litter from around the school grounds to help the wildlife in our school. 

In year 1, they created panpipes using recycled materials and discussed how throwing rubbish away can damage the environment. 

Year 2 explored what is put in the bins at school. They made posters to go around the school and encourage people to recycle more of their rubbish.

In year 3, they did a survey of the different recycling symbols found on the teacher’s rubbish from the week. They also researched the recycling rules in Dartford and made posters to take home and educate their families on what can be recycled. Some of them even translated them into other languages for their family members. They also made videos to reinforce this message. 

Year 4 inquired into the harmful effects of plastic waste in the oceans. They enjoyed some practical activities which demonstrated how even tiny pieces of plastic can be damaging. 

Year 5 explored the concept of upcycling and brought in some old clothes which they rejuvenated using their DT skills. They then finished the day with a fashion show!

Year 6 took a more critical look at recycling and found out how our recycling is sometimes taken around the world. They debated whether there is a better way to help the planet and designed zero waste shops with websites to go with them.