Watching the Chicks hatch!

Dartford Primary pupils are shown looking at the eggs hatching inside of the incubator.
A cartoon graphic of three small Chicks that have just broken out of their shells. The words 'Living Eggs' are shown on the left side in red.

This week the children were excited to return to Nursery after the Easter break. We have the “Living Eggs Project” where 10 eggs were delivered for us to watch in the incubator, to see how many hatch.

An egg is seen starting to hatch inside an incubator with several other eggs.

Everyone was so excited to observe them hatch and the children thoroughly enjoyed watching the process! The children learnt about the life cycle of a chick and used their fine motor skills to cut and stick the life cycle of a chick onto a piece of paper.

A diagram is shown of the life cycle of a Hen.

It was also Earth Day on Tuesday and the children learnt about how to care of the environment and the importance of recycling our unwanted paper and waste. The children discussed how we can keep our environment clean.

They made collages using different materials to show how things can be reused and recycled.

Dartford Primary pupils are seen creating artwork during an Arts & Crafts session.

“We can put our rubbish in the bin and take our rubbish home.”