Fantastic FRED came to DPA! – 11th Mar 2022

Two people stood in front of big poster boards spelling out FRED. One is dressed as a Superhero and the other as a scientist

‘I loved it. Fantastic FRED came out as a superhero and then as Wee Willy Winky. It was so funny’ Harry Y5

‘It was really funny when FRED came out with a dolphin as she didn’t understand what an endorphin was’ Fira Y5

Children from the back of their heads, with their hand up interacting with the speaker
Children sat listening to the FRED presentation

The children enjoyed a wonderful performance full of interesting facts and lots of humour. They thoroughly enjoyed it and even learnt about how to look after their wellbeing, with some important facts thrown in, as Alfie from year 3 pointed out: ‘ We were given lots of facts about science. I found out that we have acid in our bodies.’

FRED Superhero and scientist stood in front of the FRED poster board

‘I didn’t realise that FRED actually meant something’

‘That was my favourite part of the day’

‘So funny and I learnt some cool science facts’