Autumn Arrives!

Conkers on a table with leaves, a toy fox and an egg box

Nursery have been discovering Autumn. The children had a great interest in collecting the falling leaves from the ground.  

In our outdoor area, we collected the leaves and made some beautiful leaf masterpieces. We also used the leaves to make some Autumn soup.


We explored the conkers and used them to help with our counting!

A child putting conkers in an egg box
Children playing outside with various cooking equipment, leaves and dirt

We have been very creative with the autumn leaves and conkers!

Three children painting conkers and rolling them down PVC tubes
Children's artwork made from paper plates and autumn leaves
Two children gluing leaves onto an easel

Look at them rollWe loved using the conkers to roll through the paint making marks.

A child painting a conker with red and yellow paint
A child rolling conkers down a PVC pipe

Rolling Conkers

A child rolling conkers down a PVC pipe into a box of more conkers and utensil holders
A child rolling conkers down a PVC pipe into a box filled with more conkers and utensil holders

We sorted the falling leaves into different colours

A child matching the colours of the leaves to colour swatches on an easel
A child matching colour swatches to autumn leaves stuck on a whiteboard
A child matching the colour of leaves to colour swatches stuck on an easel

Look at our Bug Hotel!

The children have been fascinated in finding minibeasts in the garden. Together we made a bug hotel for the bugs to live in. We used leaves and twigs to fill in all the gaps.

A child pulling leaves over a bug hotel comprised of pallets and various natural things
A bug hotel made from plant pots, wooden pallets and various sticks, twigs and leaves.
Two children sat constructing the bug hotel