Weekly Blog (04/10 – 08/10)

We’ve had another very busy week here at DPA! From glittery potions to adaptations and evolution – we’ve learnt lots of new things and had lots of fun doing it! We’re also very proud to present to you our new KS1 school council who can be seen in the picture above!

In Reception, the children have been reading and exploring the story of Room on the Broom and were looking at how the witch is a very good friend to all of the animals. The children enjoyed creating their very own small world around Room on the Broom and this helped them retell the story and even create their own. They also had a lot of fun making their own potions in the potions area, using spoons and pipettes to mix glitter in with coloured water.

In Year 1, the children were finding out who Christians are and what they believe. They discovered that Christians worship God and about God’s son, Jesus. They also learnt about symbols, such as the cross, the dove of peace and candles and how important these are to Christians. They even retold the parables (The Lost Son and The Good Samaritan) that Jesus told people to teach them about what God is like!

In Year 4, the children have been excited to present their Academy Council speeches, demonstrating that they can be excellent risk-takers and communicators. They also enjoyed using their inquiring minds this week to become dieticians and create some very clever balanced diet plans.

In Year 5, the children became incredible authors. All term, their class reader has been Holes and this week they wrote some fantastic endings to this story. The children enjoyed being creative and they loved being able to have a say in a story that they have been so engrossed in all term.

Year 6 have been very clever with creating their very own Google Sites about adaptations to teach people how animals need to adapt to survive. They learnt that, sometimes, adaptations lead to evolution!