Weekly Blog (20/09 – 24/09)

This week in school, the children have had lots of fun and learnt lots of new things!

Reception have been very busy making incredible self-portraits on paper plates using paint and other resources, making sure they used all the correct colours! They looked very carefully into mirrors to create these and to see how our appearances make us unique and they demonstrated that by making a self-portrait. They also practised their scissor skills by cutting out different facial features (such as eyes, noses and mouths) and they used them to create their own faces! Afterwards, they drew the face, body and hair.

Year 1 have been learning about how we grow and change. The children were excited to bring in pictures of themselves as babies and then everyone tried to guess who is who! They had lots of fun!

Year 2 have been taking part in some wonderful storytelling this week! They have been learning to retell the story of the Prophet Muhammad and the Crying Camel. They added actions and have loved being able to tell it off by heart! Some of the children even practised at home and shared their storytelling on ClassDojo!

Year 3 enjoyed speaking to our school cook about how we could make school dinners more balanced and healthy. They made amazing suggestions! One of their great ideas was swapping some puddings for fruit to reduce the amount of fat they eat. Following this, they wrote their ideas in some very persuasive letters for our school cook and our catering company. Then, they all let her know what their favourite fruits were! 

Year 5 have been very interested in looking at court systems and how they have changed over time. The children dressed up in robes and capes and pretended to be in an Anglosaxon court! They loved working out if the defendant was guilty or not guilty and deciding on the correct punishment. They learnt from this that Anglosaxon punishments were really harsh! However, the children enjoyed themselves nonetheless!

Year 6 have enjoyed writing a narrative this week inspired by their class reader, Darwin’s Dragons. They were particularly focused on writing detailed descriptions of the characters and the setting whilst trying to include as much of their inquiry vocabulary as possible. They certainly rose to the challenge and had a lot of fun doing so!

The children have had a very busy week and we are incredibly proud of everything they have achieved this week!