Activity Week – Around the World in 7 Days

A small group of Dartford Primary Academy pupils pose for the camera, wearing fancy dress.

Over the last week and a bit, the whole school has had it’s very first Activity Week! We expanded our horizons and celebrated the end of term by taking a journey around the world! Our aims were to develop the children’s awareness of international mindfulness, create awareness of the UN sustainability goals and celebrate the end of term in a meaningful way. 

During the week, the children took part in various activities to explore and open their minds to cultural similarities and differences as well as trying new things. Each year group explored a different country and everyone was excited to learn about the different cultures!

Reception learned about the United Kingdom. They had lots of fun with the mobile farm visit and expressive arts where they designed beautiful crowns inspired by the Royal Family. They also enjoyed making scones, decorating biscuits, making Union Jack flags and wearing red, white and blue whilst taking part in an afternoon tea! They then celebrated with a beach day in the playground. 

Oscar – “I liked colouring the England flag.”

Mia – “There were sheeps and ducks and also horses. My favourite was the horses.”

Aleena – “I put gems on my crown. They were super nice.”

Year 1 began the week with their suitcases and boarding passes and journeyed to Mexico! They learnt about the location of Mexico as well as its history, flag and music. They were introduced to the Day of the Dead festival and had fun baking Pan de Muertos! They enjoyed taking part in creative arts during the week and made maracas, pointillism skull decorations, bunting, sombreros and marigold and cacti artwork. To celebrate, they then made salsa and fajitas and held their own wonderful Mexican fiesta! 

Joshua – “I loved putting lentils in the maraca because it makes a maraca noise. I liked kneading the bread.”

Emilija – “I loved to shake the maracas.”

Conny – “We made bread. I liked adding yeast.”

Year 2 ventured to the Middle East to understand the similarities and differences between our lives and those of the people in the Middle East. They looked at mosques, where people live and some iconic buildings such as Tornado Tower. They then had fun creating their own Middle Eastern town by using junk modelling to make the buildings. They also explored national dress and even created their own Middle Eastern national dress, using creative materials, which were then used for a spectacular fashion show! To celebrate, they cooked delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, had a feast and learnt a Middle Eastern dance!

George – “I enjoyed building models.”

Raayna – “I enjoyed painting.”

Thugeerah – “I painted a rainbow. I made a rainbow building. It looks good!”

Year 3 explored Japan and began their week learning about Japan’s geography and slipper etiquette. They created beautiful cherry blossom art and Japanese calligraphy. They also had fun with a Pokemon day and made Pikachu origami, pokeball watches, Pokemon cards and even designed their own Pokemons! Finally, they ventured on a Pokemon hunt and played outdoor games. The children also took part in Tai Chi, dance and sport and then spent a day making and eating delicious sushi as well as learning how to use chopsticks! 

Vibodh – “I liked the Pokemon. We trained them!”

Tiann – “I liked everything. I liked the Pokemon hunt. Miss scattered them and we used tennis balls as pokeballs and tallied our scores. We also made sushi and the seaweed wrapping smelt like the sea! I ate one for Miss Cirone.”

Maisie – “I ate all of my sushi!”

Year 4 explored Tanzania and Zanzibar and created wonderful artwork such as making Masai Tribe jewellery using card, lentils, rice, couscous and pasta as well as creating African mud hut villages using card and straw. They also created beautiful watercolour sunset silhouette paintings of Mount Kilimanjaro and big game animals. Next, they excitedly took part in traditional drumming and dancing before working in teams to design their own safari parks and their dream enclosure for one of the Big 5 animals. Towards the end of the week, the children cooked a beautiful, traditional African spiced banana and chocolate loaf!

Henry – “We made pasta necklaces. We also made spice cake which was fun to mix and we learnt about the Big 5 animals. We decorated paper into mud huts and used straw for the roofs as in tribes they live in mud huts.”

Skyler – “I liked learning that Tanzania and Zanzibar merged.”

Sejal – “We made spice cake and I enjoyed baking. It was really fun. It was very interesting to learn about different herbs.”

Megan – “I liked creating safari park maps and animal enclosures.”

Year 5 celebrated various countries during the week and started it all off with the opening ceremony of the DPA Olympics! The children took part in a torch relay, learnt about the significance of the Olympic rings and created dance routines and class flags for the ceremony. They then enjoyed French Day in which they dressed up in the colours of the French flag, cooked French cuisine, created magnificent artwork inspired by Claude Monet and even learnt to talk about the Olympics in French!  They also loved Australia Day where they dressed up in the colours of the Australian Olympic team, learnt about the Great Barrier Reef, played Australian games and then finished their day with hot dogs and butterbeer! On India Day, the children learnt about the festival of Holi and made exciting tie-dye art using bright colours. They learnt traditional Indian dances to perform to each other!

Isabel – “I liked making croque monsieurs. It was tasty. We ate them while reading. I liked playing the Australian day games.”

Sharon – “I enjoyed eating hot dogs and tasting the butterbeer. It was very nice! I liked dressing up and exploring different cultures and stepping out of my comfort zone. I liked experiencing other cultures.”

Year 6 journeyed to Spain to experience Spanish culture and compare that with the British way of life. They started their week creating artwork inspired by Picasso and baking tasty Spanish shortbread cookies and British biscuits which allowed the children to learn about different Spanish cuisines! They also enjoyed their bull fighting tournament and breaking piñatas! They then celebrated the end of their time at DPA with a fabulous festival where they had fun with their friends, built lasting memories, signed t-shirts and enjoyed a picnic! At the end of the week,they had fun during Party Day in which they dressed up in Spanish or British clothing and experienced Spanish and British party rooms.

Ahana – “My favourite part was cooking. We made Spanish shortbread and British cookies. I enjoyed the festival with all the activities and dancing.”

Racheal – “I liked the cooking. At home I don’t bake on my own so I enjoyed having the opportunity to bake. The setting and decorations were nice.”

The children had a brilliant week and had lots of fun learning about different cultures, trying new things and celebrating their achievements with their friends!