Year 6 Bikeability – Road Safety

Each year, as part of our Year Six curriculum, we offer the students the opportunity to learn how to keep themselves safe when cycling on the road. Here are some of the things they learnt this year.

Bengal Tigers

‘Bikeability was a memorable and informative experience. We learned how to safely cycle on different types of roads and well as using hand signals to alert other road users. Matt and Darren talked us through the ‘pop the pedal’ procedure when you’re about to ride your bike. We also learnt about the secondary position: when you’re around a curb cycling and there is a parked car, you would do ‘door and a little bit more’, cycling away from the car at the car door. Overall, I’ve learnt so much that will make me cautious and road aware.


‘I enjoyed Bikeability. We learnt about secondary and primary positions. We learnt how to tell cars what we are going to do next and where we are going to go. It was fun learning new things on my bike. They also taught us how to change gear when on the road and included some fun partner activities.’ 

‘We learnt a lot from Matt and Brian; they taught us how to ride on the road safely. We all had a lot of fun learning with them and now I really want to do Stage 3 and carry on learning to ride on the road. I loved learning how to do U turns and changing from primary to secondary positions on the road.’


Bikeability helped me a lot and without it I could never have had the confidence to ride on the road. It taught me how to do signals and U – turns safely. We learnt how to use our gears to its full possibility and know when and when to use it. We also learnt road positions such as primary, secondary and see and be seen.

Matt, Brian and Giovanni helped us start off with the basics such as tightening our helmets to  the correct size and then we learnt the most key skill in the whole session which was to look over your right shoulder. They also helped us ride our bikes slowly by setting up a slow race, where the aim of the goal was to be the last person to finish without getting off the bikes. 

For Stage 2, we rode on the road and learnt various hand signals and as I said earlier various positions on the road. At the end we did a bike ride around Cumberland drive.