Science and Art Week Blog

Two young girls in blue uniform holding a potato circuit

Science and Art Week

Last week, the whole school took part in a Science and Art week. We learnt about ‘Our Diverse Planet’ and each year group took part in several Science investigations and art projects. Our central idea was, ‘Our Diverse Planet’ and the children at Dartford Primary Academy took this to heart and developed their curiosity about the world around them. 

During the week, the children looked at several scientists and artists and explored the diversity around the world. These activities inspired the children to take some action of their own. There was also a chance for the children to win an art competition for the most innovative and creative piece of art in their class and the best dressed child from each year group. 

Reception learnt about diverse people and in particular how people look and feel. They used the book, ‘The Colour Monster’ for their inspiration. Their art was linked to Arcimbaldo’s fruit and vegetable portraits.

 Child in white top sitting at a table. On the table there is a smiley face made out of fruit Small child wearing a blue dress drawing with a orange pen Child holding up their picture





Year 1 learnt about Beatrix Potter the conservationist and naturalist and looked at hedgehogs which they created art pieces from with sketching and shading.

Pencil Drawing








Year 2 learnt about ‘Careers Who Care For Our Planet: Zoologists, Marine Biologists and Conservationists’. They investigated, ‘do you catch more flies with honey or vinegar? They also undertook an M&M’s and Skittles survival challenge. Their art was linked to mixed media collage.

Collage of a birthday cake with candles made out of fabric Children in a blue uniform around a table creating Collage of heart using fabrics


Year 3 looked into dark places where they had to make a dark den, go and explore on a shadow hunt and investigate the size of shadows. Their art was linked to watercolours.

paper craft of stag beetle paper craft of a creature Paper craft of a loch ness monster style creature Get together in a  small group and make a short story with your puppets. Four children holding u their puppets

In Year 4, the children enjoyed using string telephones to find out how sound travels and made rubber band guitars to explore the pitch and volume of a musical note. Towards the end of the week, the children built a model ear to show how sound vibrations travel through the ear. They linked this to Kandinsky’s abstract art.

Abstract drawing Big piece of abstract art held by a child Child with short blonde hair holding a paper cup and string to his ear Abstract art  Two children creating with a piece of plastic and a rubber band

Year 5 took part in several investigations including investigating changes of materials. Through this, they experimented with mentos and coca-cola to see the reaction. Alongside this, they carried out an investigation into forces that involved an egg and parachute. Later in the week, the children also designed crazy food creations in the style of Heston Blumenthal. The artist they studied was Antoni Gaudi and they created some beautiful mosaic buildings using glass tiles. 

Two children and two teachers outside watching a coke and mentos experiment Man made out of food, orange for a head, cinnamon sticks Colourful collage

Year 6 learnt all about sustainable energy looking at ways to produce electricity which included making a battery from lemons and potatoes. Their art focused on Banksy and wall art. 

z a q draw in bubble writing three children around a table with lemon and potato circuits  Two young girls in blue uniform holding a potato circuit C H E , written in graffiti blue bubble writing lemons with circuit, powering a small bulb

The children had an amazing week and it was brilliant to walk around the school feeling such a creative and energetic atmosphere especially on Friday where most of the children dressed up as scientists or artists.

Group of children all in fancy dress, explorers , scientists and more Group of young children all in fancy dress, dinosaur, lion, princess and more Group of children posing for photo outside Group of children in fancy dress. Fire fighter, explorer and more.

Year 5 

Santhos – “This week we have been looking at the famous artist Gaudi and the architecture of buildings he has designed and we have also been learning about air resistance.”

Chloe –  “I have really enjoyed doing the mosaic tiles and designing our own school.”

Reception class What crafts have we been doing? 

Lily – “We got vegetables and made pictures of our faces.”

Hanna – “We drew animals.”

Ella – “We made people paper chains. They were different.”

Year 4 

Megan – “ I learnt that high pitch sounds make  quicker vibrations than lower pitched sounds. My favourite part of the week was creating abstract art using instrument sounds,”

Year 6 

Rachael – In our art lessons, we looked at different methods of art such as Bansky’s and designed our names in his method (graffiti) letting our imaginations run free and our creativity flow.