Earth Day 2021

On Monday 19th April (slightly ahead of the worldwide date), the whole school took part in Earth Day. We learnt about sustainability and each year group investigated and took action to help solve a different environmental issue. Our central idea was, ‘People need to care for the natural environment’ and the children at Dartford Primary Academy took this to heart and they proved that they’re ‘Determined, Persistent Achievers Learning to Change the World’!

During the day we read some brilliant books about the environment and people who have stood up to make a difference. These inspired the children to take some action of their own. 

Reception learnt about the minibeasts that live in our own back gardens and built homes to encourage them to move into our playground. 

Year 1 learnt about how important natural environments are for wildlife and did a litter sweep of the playground to make sure that animals do not get harmed by our litter. 

Year 2 learnt all about recycling and how that helps the environment. 

Year 3 were tasked by Miss Roberts to be energy consultants for the school and did a survey to see where we are wasting electricity in the school. 

Year 4 were using their knowledge of rivers to investigate plastic pollution in the ocean and had fun exploring why microplastics are a big problem. 

Year 5 were researching some environmental success stories from around the world and created some artwork to inspire others. 

Year 6 learnt all about Greta Thunberg and became environmental campaigners. They created placards and wrote spoken word poems to encourage others to take action on climate change. 

The children were very enthusiastic about doing their bit to protect the earth. I know my class will never let me leave the lights on again.

Now the challenge is on to keep taking action at home. We can’t wait to hear about how they are helping to change the world. Please do share with us via Class Dojo.