Academy Council

Over this term, our children have been learning about democracy as part of their understanding of British Values. They’ve inquired as to how our local and national governments are elected and then applied this to voting for their very own Academy Council!

To begin with, children put themselves forward for election. They then gave speeches to the class as to why they’d make an effective candidate.

The children then completed a ballot paper and voted.

Congratulations to our new councillors!


Key Stage 1

Year 1
Chameleons Monarch Butterflies Scottish Wild Cats
Poppy Oliver Lilah
Year 2
Penguins Red Pandas Orangutans
Layla-Rose Phoebe Adam

Key Stage 2

Year 3
Polar Bears Green Turtles Pink River Dolphins
Maisie Hetansh Lewis
Year 4
African Elephants Black Footed Ferrets Black Rhinos
Edward Joey Skyla
Year 5
Whale Sharks Amur Leopards Gorillas
Olivia Amber Osita
Year 6
Bengal Tigers Macaws Jaguars
Neel Mercy Adam