As your child progresses through our academy, there are several key transitions points where things may change for both you and your child.  Expectations and classwork will change and there will be different opportunities for parents to help prepare your child as they progress through their education.

Key changes to be aware of:

Nursery to Reception

Applying for Reception

You must apply for a Reception place, even if your child attends our linked Nursery.

It is a great idea to visit Dartford Primary Academy on one of our open days. You can find these advertised at the front of the school or contact the infant site school office to book your visit.

You can apply for a primary school place in the autumn term after your child turns 4. You’ll need to apply then even if you want your child to start part-way through the school year.

You must apply for a primary school place by 15 January through the gov.uk website.


Completing the application

When you fill in the form (online or on paper) you’ll be asked to list the schools you’re applying for in order of preference.

You must apply for at least 3 schools.

To get a copy of the application form on paper, contact your local council.


Year 2 into 3

From the start of term 6, we spend time preparing your child for transition from year 2 to year 3 and their move to the junior site. Initially, the children will have a playtime for just their year group on the junior playground. Then they will have a joint year 2 and year 3 playtime without the rest of the key stage two. After that, they will be assigned a buddy who they can ask questions and who will look out for them when they start in September. 

In the week before class swap day, the children will spend a full afternoon in the year 3 classrooms completing some games and a circle time. They will then spend the full day in their new classroom on class swap day, being both dropped off and collected from the junior site playground.

Some children need a more personalised approach at this stage of transition. We consider every child on an individual basis and do whatever best meets their needs. This may include, but is not limited to: walking the exterior of the junior site so they know it is a safe, locked site; having a tour of the junior site whilst pupils are in lessons so they know that it is a calm, focused environment; or having their own map of the junior site that they colour in when they feel confident about each area.

If you have any concerns about transition from year 2 to year 3 please arrange to speak to your child’s class teacher.

Year 6 into secondary school

As your child is currently in a Kent school you will need to complete a choices form to select a secondary school at the end of year 6.  

Once you have decided on the schools, please go online to www.kent.gov.uk/secondaryadmissions  to complete Kent’s Secondary Common Application Form (Kent SCAF) or complete a paper form.  

  • All applications must be received by 31 October 2019.  
  • Offers are sent out on 2 March 2020. Emails should arrive after 4pm on the 2 March; letters are posted first class on the same day.  
  • Parents are asked to accept or decline the places by the 16 March 2020.   
  • If you want to appeal for a place at any school you named on the form but were not offered you need to do this by 27 March 2020.  
  • Vacant places will be re-allocated by KCC on 22 April 2020 using school’s waiting lists. After this date, schools will make waiting list offers to parents as vacancies arise.  

Only one application per pupil will be accepted – you have the right to make four choices – please make sure you exercise your right to these four choices. You will only be able to appeal for a school you have listed on your form. Please ensure that your chosen schools are in order of preference.


Out of county school choices – if you wish to apply for schools outside Kent, you will need to put them on the form. Kent will advise the relevant authority and they will consider your application under their arrangements.  

Grammar schools    

Results of 11+ are emailed after 4pm on 17 October 2019 or posted first class to arrive on 18 October.  

If your child passes the test and you want a grammar school place, please ensure you put a grammar school as your first choice.  You must also ensure you put a total of four schools on the form. Grammar schools also get over subscribed.  

If your child does not pass but was close in score, and you still want to apply for a grammar school, you cannot appeal against the assessment sent to you but you are still allowed to appeal for admission to any school you name on the form and are not offered. Make sure you put a grammar school on the form – it is recommended you put it as choice number four on the form.  

If your child has not been tested, a Grammar school cannot offer you a place on 2 March. If you name a Grammar school on your form when your child has not been tested, your application to that school will be turned down, although you will still have the right to appeal for admission. 

After 22 April 2020 waiting lists will be maintained by schools who will fill vacancies as they arise. Parents who have already received an offer of a school place can approach schools directly.