Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

Following the amalgamation of the Infant and Junior schools,we wanted to build on and expand the existing positive parent/school relationships across both sites. The LPPA is a National Award which provides a coherent framework through which schools and other educational settings can consistently deliver effective parental engagement. The co-ordinator at Dartford Primary Academy is Anna Reid who can be contacted on 07442 499 466 or anna.reid@dartfordprimary.org.uk.

For more information please go to the LPPA Website.

June 2015 update

Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th June

Your opinion counts!

Are we Green To Go for communication with parents ? Look out for the opinion board in the playground and give us your view.

Thank you for all your comments. We have worked hard to read these and address the issues raised. Thank you also for the positive comments. Please click here to see the feedback and solutions in full


September 2015

We aim to improve the way you find out about your child’s learning in school. In addition to the three parent consultation dates, we also open  the classrooms for 15 minutes after school every Wednesday.  This is an opportunity for you to see your child’s books and any work displayed. You will see this advertised as Walk in Wednesday.

This year there will presentations to parents  introducing

  • how the New Curriculum is being taught in school
  • how each Year Group is assessed for progress
  • how each Key Stage is assessed
  • how Phonics is taught in school and how the Phonics Screening happens

Others will be added during the year as required.

We will make sure that the presentations are added to the website so that parents who cannot attend are fully informed. We will also post as much of the information on our social media sites as we can.

Not all our parents find the same times convenient and so we will be offering evening meetings wherever possible in addition to during the school day.

November 2015

Following feedback from parents who do not regularly access the school website and are not Facebook users, we have added a Parents Information noticeboard to both sites. At the Juniors this is positioned as you walk into the front gate and at the Infants the board is in the Office Reception area.

January 2016

Continue to look out for invites to join our Parents Working Party. This will be advertised by Parentmail, Letter home and Facebook page.

First working party formed was for the new Food Policy. The first meeting covered school dinners on both sites and packed lunch information.  It was decided that everyone would think about how to promote the healthy schools message but set realistic expectations.

At the second meeting in March, there was a better mix of junior and infant parents. Parents agreed to do posters promoting healthy lunch boxes and Mrs Baker promised to look into another playground event with the Healthy Schools team. Ideas for a draft food policy were discussed.

At the third meeting in June, a Food Policy was devised and agreed upon. A few drafts of the healthy lunchbox poster were considered and the final version will be available ready for the new Reception parents to see on swap day 14th July. A copy of the policy will be added to the website this week.

July 1st, 2016

Surveys have been sent home this week to Years N – 4. We are asking for your opinion on timings of meetings, parents consultation appointments, policy updates, homework and more.  This is your chance to have your say. Completed surveys in by 4th July please so we can evaluate your feedback.

Year 5 and 6 will be surveyed in the near future with added questions about transition to secondary. 

July 15th, 2016

Your responses from this survey have now been evaluated and the feedback is available for you here. Your opinion matters to us.

Survey Outcomes