Online Safety

Online Safety

At  Dartford Primary Academy we understand  that today’s children and young people are growing up in a digital world. It is a wonderful learning tool that supports their learning to become more knowledgeable. As they grow older, it is crucial that they learn to balance the benefits offered by technology with a critical awareness of their own and other’s online behaviour, and develop effective strategies for staying safe and making a positive contribution online. We strive to ensure our pupils at DPA are principled people on and offline.

Purple Mash is our main source of online safety. Their online safety guides for every computing lesson ensure children are constantly reminded of how to behave online.

We have also incorporated online safety into our PSHE lessons using the Education for Connected Framework. The document supports one of the key aims of the government’s Internet Safety Strategy of supporting children to stay safe online.

Share Aware –  It can be hard to keep track of what your child is doing on social networks, apps and games, or know how to keep them safe. Together we’re helping parents untangle the web and teach their children to be Share Aware because just like in real life, children need your help to stay safe online.

Education for a Connected world

Teaching Online Safety at School