At Dartford Primary we give out homework that will develop children’s key skills in English and maths as well as promoting further inquiry into their central idea for PYP.


Times tables – Please  see document for more information. Tables-tips-for-home-learning-converted



Your child will bring home a book every night that is matched to their current reading ability (read more about this on our ‘Phonics and Reading’ page) . Please spend time reading this with them focusing on decoding unknown words, reading at speed and using appropriate expression. Every child needs to be reading aloud as often as possible. Don’t forget to log your reading minutes for Buster’s Book Club!



Every Monday your child will come home with a spelling book containing five spellings matched to the curriculum they are studying or key vocabulary they will be using in their work that term. Please work with them to use different strategies to learn them such as:

Trace, Copy, Recall: Fold three columns on a piece of paper, and label one column ‘trace’, the next ‘copy’ and the last ‘recall’. Write the word in the first column, and have your child trace the letters.Next have them copy the word by looking at what they’ve just written.Finally, have them fold (and hide) the first two columns and recall the spelling on their own as they write the word independently.


Stairsteps: Write the words as if they are stairs, adding one letter at a time.






Video Record: Using a smartphone or tablet, take a video of your child spelling the words. Have them put on a funny hat, dress-up, or use a silly prop to add to the fun.


You’re the teacher: Let your child pretend to be the teacher and teach you how to spell the words.


Your child may not get all the words right and may really struggle with them so please focus on any successes they have. For example, if they get all the first letters correct; or they remember the tricky part but make errors in the rest of the word; or they get one out of the five correct. We do not want any child to be worried about spellings or develop an anxiety around them therefore it is essential to celebrate any success, no matter how small, rather than focus on the inaccuracy. The more confident a child is the more progress they will make in the long term.


Inquiry Homework

Please see your child’s ‘What I’m Learning Now’ sheet on the ‘How to help your child succeed at school’ for more information about this each term.