Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Reading


Our approach to learning phonics in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and KS1 (Key Stage 1) is through using Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics and Read Write Inc.

Letters and Sounds provides games and resources to support the teaching of phonics at Dartford Primary Academy. It aims to build pupils’ speaking and listening skills, as well as prepare pupils to learn to read, by developing their phonic knowledge and skills. It sets out a detailed programme for teaching phonic skills, with the aim of pupils becoming fluent readers by age seven.

In KS2 (Key Stage 2) the children follow the No Nonsense Spelling scheme for spelling. The teaching of spelling in KS2 focuses predominantly on the development of spelling rules and patterns which are then encouraged to be practised within extended writing opportunities across the curriculum.

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