Year 2
Neptune Class

Neptune Class

Welcome to Neptune Class!


Mr. Filsell                                          Mrs Mithen

Class teacher                                Assistant teacher

Our PE day is Thursday. Please ensure PE kits are in school on that day and all kits are clearly labelled.

Important documents:

T1 Timetable

T2 Timetable

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Term 3 Time table

Term 3 Homework

Curriculum Letter Year 2 Term 3

Year 2 Term 4 curriculum letter term 4 PYP version

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Curriculum Letter Year 2 Term 5

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Class Information

  • Home reader books are changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We encourage children to read the book twice – once to sound out new words and find out what the book is about and the second time to read it with more fluency and answer questions about its content. Please write in your child’s reading record book how they read. We will hear your child read regularly in school to assess their progress. Reading is essential to progress so please try and hear your child read as often as possible
  • Homework will be sent home the first week of each term and will be linked to our current topic in class. There will be a choice of which homework challenges your child would like to complete and will need to be returned by the due date so they can be shared in class.
  • Spellings will be sent home on a Friday in your child’s reading record book and they will complete a short test the following Friday. Please support your child in learning these words.
  • Mathletics Your child has their log in details in their reading record. Maths homework is set weekly and is often linked to what we have been learning in school that week. The children will receive certificates when they achieve a certain amount of points which we will celebrate in school. This will help develop your child’s numeracy skills and mental maths.
  • Purple Mash Purple Mash is a new online resource which we are using to teach Computing this year. The children can access all the resources that they use in school , at home! It is a very useful tool and it is parent friendly. It has tutorial videos to help parents understand what their child needs to do.
  • PE The children will be doing PE on a  Monday and Thursday.
  • Principal Award Every Friday, children’s work is celebrated in assembly. The adults in the class will choose a child who will be our star of the week and who will receive a certificate.
  • Busters reading club  Children need to read for at least 10 minutes every Wednesday and need to record it on their book ONLY on Wednesday night. Any other reading that week must be recorded in their contact book. Please make a big effort to get this done as the children are rewarded with lovely prizes and it encourages reading.
  • Please return letters or reply slips in your child’s book bag. The children are encouraged to hand them in to a class adult in the morning.
  • Please ensure water bottles and belongs are clearly labelled.


 How we express ourselves- Term 6

This term we are learning all the different ways to express ourselves through an art form. The children have been looking at dance, art and music as a means to express themselves.  Our inquiry statement for this is: Creativity allows us to express ideas. To start off our topic, the children visited each year two class and had a small taste of each genre. Mercury class had a selection of dance videos which showed a dancer telling a story through dance. In Jupiter the children watched a video with no words and discussed what concepts and feelings the video was trying to convey. Lastly, Neptune has a mini art gallery where the children learned that different colours could represent an emotion. The children will be exploring these three art forms and expressing their ideas, emotions and thoughts through these mediums.


How we organise ourselves- Term 5

This term is all about food and the steps taken for food to reach our plates. Our inquiry statement this term is: The food that people eat goes through several steps from the farm to our table. So to kick the term off we asked the children to draw what they thought a farmer looked like. The pictures were amazing and the children really put a lot of thought into them. We also got a chance to Face Time a Farmer. Each class has a different type of farmer and we were all able to see their farms and ask them questions about their jobs. We will hopefully be face timing our farmers regularly to see the different processes such as milking cows, packing eggs and even shearing sheep. We hope the children will link their own general knowledge to the topics we will be learning.



How the planet works- Term 4

This term our topic is all about natural disasters. Our inquiry statement this term is : Natural events occur due to the changing nature of environments. For our immersion lesson the children built little towns using junk modelling  material. Then the adults tried to imitate different natural disasters to see if the children would understand what is was. So we shook tables, threw water on some towns and even used vinegar and baking soda to imitate a volcano. The children were amazing at identifying which disaster was what. Now we will be taking their questions and learning about them.


Sharing the planet- term 3

This term our whole school topic is called Sharing the Planet. There are lots of things to learn under this topic. As a year group we we came up  with an inquiry question. Year 2’s inquiry question is: Adaptations improve an animal’s chances of survival in certain conditions.

To kick off this topic the three year 2 classes were changed into three different climates. A cold climate like the Antarctic, a hot climate like a dessert and an underwater climate. The children were given photos of a variety of animals and needed to figure out which climate their animal would survive in better and why. From this activity the children generated questions from this task which they will be answering and learning about throughout this term.


To Infinity and Beyond- Term 1 and Term 2

Our topic this term is called To Infinity and Beyond. In this topic we will be exploring and discovering topics to do with space. We will be starting off our topic with a space day on Monday 10th September 2018. The children will be deciding what they want to learn about space and bring that to life. Below is the curriculum objectives we will be covering this term.