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Academy Council


The Academy Council at Dartford Primary Academy is chosen every year by pupils. The School Council plays an active part in the life of the academy. They meet regularly to discuss ideas to improve school life. The Academy Council has a Chair and Vice Chair who write agendas and compile minutes.

The Academy Council have the opportunity to lead whole Academy assemblies to inform pupils of their plans and what they have achieved. Since September 2012, the School Council have chosen new playground equipment for everyone to enjoy at lunchtime. They are also ambassadors for the Academy. Also, they provide teachers with feedback through surveys and discussions regarding curriculum developments.

“The Academy Council is important, because we are supporting the school and are helping it to become outstanding. We are also a creative group of pupils, so we have lots of ideas to help raise money for charity” (Chair of the Academy Council).

“The Academy Council provides an opportunity for class representatives to tell us what we are doing well and what we still need to improve” (Vice Chair of the Academy Council).